Frozen foods were once a technological wonder, but are now often the butt of food jokes, grouped together with fast food as unhealthy substitute for "real" food that is rarely worth eating. But frozen dinners are quick and convenient, though sometimes grouped with fast food on people's "do not eat" lists, they frequently present a healthier alternative to it when you really need something that doesn't require much preparation. There are also so many new frozen food products on the market every year, all made with technology that permits a wider range of textures in the final dish, that even staunch from-scratch cooks might be tempted by some of the organic, all-natural options in the freezer case. Besides, you're not the only one eating them. More than $25 billion of frozen foods were sold last year, peaking in January with the sale of diet-oriented foods. Here are a few more frozen food facts: 53% of households use frozen dinners at some point.


They are most popular with 18-24 year olds, those over 75 and single people. Roughly 400 new frozen-food products, from toaster waffles to turkey dinners, are introduced each year by more than 300 companies.

Despite the fact that they are so popular with singles, there are more 2-person and family-sized meals available than ever before to get in on the "busy family" market.

Mexican frozen food is extremely popular right now, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Fact: The Federal Food and Drug Administration has already announced that there is virtually no difference in nutritional content between fresh and frozen vegetables. For most brands, the vegetables are picked fresh, cleaned and cooked very slightly before they are placed in an airtight package and frozen.

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