Long form pasta or strand pasta.
Anything spaghetti-like that you can twist around your fork. These pastas are made in varying widths, from the thinnest angel hair to the plumpest bucatini. They can be round or flat (see ribbon pasta, the next bullet), solid or hollow, like bucatini.
Tubular pasta.
From tiny to jumbo, smooth or ridged (“rigati”), straight-cut or diagonally cut [in this category, the seemingly same size pasta will have a different name if the ends are straight-cut versus diagonally cut]. Elbows, manicotti, penne and rigatoni are well-known cuts.

Ribbon pasta. A sub-category of long form (strand) pasta. These are the flat cuts. Fettuccine, lasagne, linguine and tagliatelle are the better-known ribbon pastas.
Short form pasta takes several forms:

Shaped pasta.
Farfalle (bow ties), fusilli (corkscrews), ruote (wagon wheels) are prominent examples. There are endless ways to twist and curl and shape pasta; hence, the hundreds of regional varieties.

Stuffed pasta.
This group includes agnolotti, mezzelune, ravioli, tortellini and “dumpling” pasta like gnocchi.


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